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Corporate Prayer Schedule

Week 3

Prayer will be held at 7:00 pm

  • Monday - Marriages and Family Relationships

  • Tuesday - Children and Youth

  • Wednesday - Singles, Divorcees, Widows/Widowers

  • Thursday - Father, it's me (Personal Prayer)

  • Friday - Worship and Thanksgiving

*Noonday prayer will be held daily*

Daily Devotional

Day 19- Love

On the Friday that Jesus died it might seem that the wrath of God has eclipsed the love of God. But it isn’t so. Mercy triumphs over Judgment at Easter: love triumphs over wrath.

At the last supper Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. He also gave them a new commandment, “Love one another as I have loved You.”

But the disciples don’t fully comprehend how deeply Jesus has loved them. After all they had been through, it took a king on His knees with a towel around His waist to prove to them the loving, servant heart of God (what if our president, or a king, were to wash the feet of a bunch of fishermen today? What if it were your feet?). But even so, Peter the disciple doesn’t understand why Jesus would defile Himself in this way...


Fasting Tips


1. Enter this fast prayerfully and with expectation. Be intentional about your time with God.

2. If you do not have a plan on what you want to discover in your time of drawing closer to Him, you will not know what to expect coming out of the fast. 

3. Stay focused. Temptations will come from the left and the right, but stick to your plan! Self- control is a must.

4. Remember, fasting is a sacrifice and sacrifice hurts. Whatever you give up should be worthwhile.

5. Expect God to speak. If there is an expectation that God will speak (through His Word, His Spirit, or through His people), there will be a stronger sensitivity to what He will say.

6. Take time to write or journal. Write down what you sense God is saying to you.